Dale & I want to thank you for all you did to work with us to make our dream house a reality. We love the house and are very grateful to have found such a quality builder. Rich, you will never know how much of a blessing you were to us. Thank you so much for your generous heart. Rudy, thanks for the gift basket on our first day. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!

-Pastor Dale & Sue

Here is the 45 day punch list for the house. We’ve been busy setting up a new biz and haven’t been home much. We love the house and Sue did a great job in helping us through. Keith, Billy, Mike and Tommy and your building crew are also amazing. This is a tribute to your leadership!

-Sandy & Michael

Thank you for the work you’ve recently completed on our home. Bill K. and his crew performed an outstanding job. The service you provided is another example of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

-David & M.J.

Thank you so very much for helping us build such a wonderful home. It has been a joy and a pleasure to do this project with you. Enclosed is a small token of our appreciation for you and Melodie to enjoy. We both look forward to continuing to cultivate our friendship with the two of you.

-Bill & Joann

I wanted to drop you a note to extend my gratitude for your assistance and the honorable way you have addressed the issues I have had with my home. Today, Bill K. has finished the inside repairs, thereby completing the remediation of the problem. To date, the problem seems to have been corrected and I have not had any issues. While it has been sometime since we started discussing the problem, I wanted to thank you for having always stood behind your product and maintaining the Paulsen reputation. It is a comfort to know that there are still people and organizations that "do the right thing" and "say what they do and do what they say." You turned my bad situation into a successful example of Paulsen quality. If I can ever be of assistance, or if you ever need a reference for a potential customer, please consider me as a good reference.


I want you to know I am the happiest I have ever been because of you and your family.

-Carol Ann & Bill

The professional attitude and dedication Paulsen Development has shown the Shea family since you built our home six years ago definitely reassures us that we picked the best builder in the area.

-Paul & Deb

We are enjoying our new house very much. We appreciate all the hard work everyone did to make this all possible. Your employees have outdone themselves! We can't thank them enough. Thanks again for everything.

-Gene & Nicole

We absolutely love our new home!

-Alan & Maria

I know these guys are your suppliers, but they speak very highly of you and the Paulsen crew in comparing you with some of their other contractors. It is nice to get positive feedback that you're doing the right things. More importantly, these are all unsolicited testimonials from your suppliers. It is especially nice when they volunteer this information on your behalf. Suzanne and I have not once asked for any of this as we feel very comfortable that we made the right choice. This all just confirms that decision.

-Dave & Suzanne

You guys are men of your word! It has been a pleasure to work with you.

-Lou & Cherie

We are enjoying our new home and have found the overall experience to be a very good one. Keith, Billy and Tommy have also been wonderful.

-Ed & Barbara